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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Areas of My Expertise by John Hodgman

You may know John Hodgman from the new Mac/PC commercials (he's the pc). I had listened to his Little Grey Book Lectures and did not realize when picking up this book that it was the same guy. Actually, I have found the LGB Lectures a little annoying, inside jokeish, and overall way way too focused on Brookline, MA. I saw this in the bookstore months ago and thought it would be more like Schott's Miscellany. Instead, it is almost wholly made up.

It seems like everyone on Earth is reading this book. Over 10 people I know are, at least, and that's A LOT of people. First, just because I wouldn't have assumed the book is well known (although the author is on the Daily Show, so maybe that's why) and also because the content doesn't strike me as popularly accessible....

Anyway I did like this book, but apparently not as much as the other 10 people I know. There were parts of it which were brilliant, and going in, I read it pretty compulsively. But now I must say something that, when I have mentioned it to everyone who has read this book, makes me the object of derision. Hobos really aren't funny, or at least not for as long as Hodgman thinks they are. i guess that hobos are the new pirates. Seriously I just started skimming over all the hobo stuff. It was so freakin' repetitive and boring.

Generally I did like this book, but it way overstayed its welcome and generally had the same issues as the LGB Lectures for me.


  • At 5:48 PM, Blogger Idun said…

    Yeah, I think I liked it precisely because all I did was skim through it. I just read the juicy parts and got good laughs. J read it more cover to cover. I think he would agree with you because he lost steam two-thirds of the way through. Although one day while lounging on the couch, he laughed so hard he cried and then got choked up and couldn't stop coughing for 10 minutes or so. I suppose that's a good sign for any author.

  • At 9:25 PM, Blogger triumphantly, jenny said…

    Yeah parts of it WERE laugh out loud in public funny. I should have skimmed more!


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