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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Anyone but You

Anyone but You by Jennifer Crusie

I love Jennifer Crusie's books even though:
--they often include long passages about animals
--some people consider them romance novels
--usually half the book I am annoyed that people in the book believe so strongly in stereotypes.

If you know me, you will know these three things would most likely steer me clear of a book, but I LOVE her books. They are really funny and end up basically as an antidote to everything the media says about how to "catch a man." Which is great, and I am sure why women love to read her books.

Basically this one is about an "older" woman who falls for a young dr. but refuses to sex him up because she is afraid that she's an old ugly hag. But he's also in love with her. Yay! Also there is a subplot about a friend of hers writing a novel. In almost all of the Crusie novels I have read there is usually some secondary love story, and I had totally tried to guess it at the beginning of this book, and there were hints along the way that it would work out and then nothing, so that was a weird loose end that never got ties up. Also, this book uses the term "alcoholic" for what I would term "casual drinker." So, that was a little weird. At the end of the novel everyone stops drinking! Yay! What? Why is that even in this book? No idea.

Either way I read it very quickly and it was a lot of fun.


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