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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Plot Against America

I like Phillip Roth. But the more of his books I read, the more I think they are all the same. I say things like "oh here comes the awkward, disturbing masturbation scene!" or "hey, more jewish se;f-hatred!" So, why might I read this book, which is all about Jew hate? :)

Well I liked the concept. First it's 1930s-40s historical. And about Hitler. I like that. And it's a speculative history book. I love that. And it's based on how Roth's own family would have reacted to these situations in the fake history. That's such a great idea.

And all of these things in the book are great. The ascension of fascist Lindbergh becoming president and turning the US into a Nazi ally is a great theme.

But you have to stuggle through a lot of boring stuff along the way. A lot of it is day to day family stuff that is sort of irrelevant to the historical setting. Basically I liked the book, but I wish more would have been made of the great setting Roth made for himself. And it was waaaaay long. There were very long, descriptive passages/internal monologues that were sort of like a non-funny more neurotic Woody Allen monologue. Too much.

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for those of you who do read here (mainly heidi, i think) i caved into this johari square meme. Basically, you say 6 things on that list you think I am. I don't see how if you do this and publicly post it anyone could click MODEST, but it's up there!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Company by Max Barry

Awesome. Now I would say this is my least favorite of his books. But until the major plot twist (pg. 100), I was so excited b/c I knew the twist was coming. After that it wasn't as exciting for me. But it's my own fault for reading his blog regularly. But it was great and the whole thing was hilarious, cathartic, and a great societal comment. The end was kinda blah, though, for me because it happened so quickly. But it's an amazing book, and I am terribly sad that he will not be touring the midwest. Go! Read it!