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Friday, December 09, 2005


Single: The Art of Being Satisfied, Fulfilled and Independent (Paperback)

by Judy Ford

Holy crap was this book bad. I can't even think of the words. I read it because it was somehow connected with Relevant books. First, it is the sappiest of self-help. And ever three sentences is another "you're not a bad person because you are not married." Jesu Christo, does anyone really believe that they are a truly awful person because they are not married? There are many, many personal stories from this woman's life, which involve the love of her life dying unexpectedly (which is totally awful, and I could see how horrible that could be) and then, because of her sadness, her quickly marrying some horrible guy just so as to not be single. I understand the idea of telling people not to make your mistakes, but it's kind of hard to hear "you're not awful because you're single" from someone who might do this! It also has a whole section on how not to feel bad because you are not married IN YOUR 20s! I have to stop myself from yelling out religious expletives AGAIN in this entry. Seriously, that is INSANE!

Okay perhaps this all comes down to my "marriage is for suckas" upbringing (not necessarily my personal opinion, just the opinion of every person in my family since all of them are divorced/separated), but all this cultural pressure that's like "get married when you're 24!" is insane. Not everyone who gets married young is wrong, but most people who are 24 don't even know how to live by themselves, let alone with someone else FOREVER. Sadly, I think the author would AGREE with me, yet her desperate "don't feel bad" is paranoia inducing. So, so awful.

NOTE: this book is not sold by, which makes me once again rejoice in what a great store powells is.


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