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Saturday, December 17, 2005

My desperate situation

I am in a dire reading situation. Here is everything I have checked out right now:


Zimmer, Marc. Glowing genes : a revolution in biotechnology / Marc Zimmer.

heard this guy on npr, wanna read it.

Bulgakov, Mikhail Afanas´evich, 1891-1940. Heart of a dog [by] Mikhail Bulgakov. Translated, with an introd., by Michael Glenny. Location: Undergrad 891.74 B87OSEG
one of my favorite books, want to reread

Salerno, Steve. SHAM : how the self-help movement made America helpless / Steve Salerno. Location: Main Stacks 155.2 Sa326s
sounds super interesting--found in psychology today

Cohen, Jack. Stop working & start thinking : a guide to becoming a scientist / Jack Cohen & Graham Medley ; with an introduction by Ian Stewart. Location: Main Stacks 001.42 C66s2005
Hey! Eric has this. He should give it back!

Lileks, James. Interior desecrations : hideous homes from the horrible 70's/ by James Lileks. Location: Undergrad 747.0973 L627i

it's cool looking and I have read most of it....

Rough guide to cult pop / [compiled by Paul Simpson]. Location: Undergrad 782.42166 R755

This book's so cute. I want to go through and dnld all the music it talks

Casey, Robert S. Punched cards; their applications to science and industry/ Edited by Robert S. Casey [and others]. Location: Library & Information Science 651 C26P1958

I love punch card/antiquated systems and I so want to read this.

Burke, James, 1936- Pinball effect : how renaissance water gardens made the carburetor possible, and other journeys through knowledge / James Burke. Location: Main Stacks 609 B917p
I've read a bit of it. Found it on the shelf at Eric's boyhood home.

Culinary Arts Institute. Cooking magic : fabulous foods step-by-step cookbooks / Culinary Arts Institute. v.1 Location: Main Stacks 641.5 C776
This is really an intensely good picture of culture at the time it was produced. These foods are totally inedible.

Harris, Joshua. I kissed dating goodbye / Joshua Harris. Location: Main Stacks 306.73 H242i
Relevant books....thinking of reading it over xmas.

Kidwell, Peggy Aldrich Landmarks in digital computing : a Smithsonian pictorial history / Peggy A. Kidwell, Paul E. Ceruzzi. Location: Engineering 681.140973 K541L
It's on my shelf. Cool photos.

Ash, Russell. Bizarre books / Russell Ash and Brian Lake. Location: Library & Information Science New Books 016.082 As31b1998

This is bad, because it is a bibliography which will no doubt lead me to
checking out a ton more books. I am thinking of buying a copy of this book.

Goldstone, Lawrence, 1947- Used and rare : travels in the book world /Lawrence and Nancy Goldstone. Location: Library & Information Science 002.092 G578U

Heard em on NPR. haven't even looked at it

Best of Annals of improbable research / edited by Marc Abrahams. Location: Geology 502.072 B464

Oh I listened to the IgNobel Awards and requested this.

Nathan, Jean (Jean Elson) Secret life of The lonely doll : the search for Dare Wright / Jean Nathan. Location: Main Stacks 813 W9317Yn
Almost done!

D'Aluisio, Faith, 1957- Women in the material world / by Faith D'Aluisio and Peter Menzel. Location: Main Stacks Q. 305.42 D175W

Just checked this out. A coworker has it.

Abanes, Richard. One nation under gods : a history of the Mormon Church /Richard Abanes. Location: .General Collection - Basement BX8645 .A23 2002
This is huge. I doubt I will ever read it.

1000 extra/ordinary objects = 1000 extra/ordinaires objets. Location: Main Collection 030 O58m
This is about 800 pages. I am on 640.

Beal, Timothy K. (Timothy Kandler), 1963- Roadside religion : in search of the sacred, the strange, and the substance of faith / Timothy K. Beal. Location: Main Collection 203.50973 B366r
Read half of it this summer, had to return it. Hope to finish it soon.

Kirby, Doug New roadside America : the modern traveler's guide to the wild and wonderful world of America's tourist attractions / Doug Kirby, Ken Smith, Mike Wilkins. Location: Main Collection 917.3 R628B1992
Want to check out if there are any cool roadside attractions for me to see
in LA.

Kamekura, Junichi Ekiben : the art of the Japanese box lunch / Junichi Kamekura, Mamoru Watanabe, Gideon Bosker. Location: Book Stacks A-H 3000; J-L 2000; P-Z 1000 Level TX724.5.J3 K296 1989

This book makes me want to go to Japan more than anything else. I am pretty much done with this book but it's packed away so I have no returned it.

Lewis, Thomas. General theory of love / Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini, Richard Lannon. Location: Stacks 152.41 L676g

I first saw this at powells years ago. I love the cover, and the idea, but skimming through it, it did not look so good.

Michell, John F. Eccentric lives and peculiar notions / John Michell. Location: Stacks 920.02 MICHECCE1999

sitting on my desk

Miller, Alice Gail. God squad. Illus. by James G. Macdonell. Location: Stacks 259 M647G
Haven't looked at it yet.

De Sáez, Eileen Elliott. Marketing concepts for libraries and information services / Eileen Elliott de Sáez. Location: Floor 1 Shelves Z716.3 .D42 2002
I checked this out the summer before last for a class. I accidentally left it in a
friend's car when she came to visit on her way to moving to BALTIMORE. She promised she would send it to me but has not. It is officially lost.

McCracken, Elizabeth Here's your hat what's your hurry : stories / by Elizabeth McCracken. Location: Floor 6 Shelves PS3563.C35248 H471993

Heard about on NPR. Doubt I will actually read.

Baldaev, D. S. (Dantsik Sergeevich), 1925- Russian criminal tattoo encyclopaedia / [drawings and foreword [by] Danzig Baldaev ; text [by] Alexei Plutser-Sarno ; photographs [by] Sergei Vasiliev]. Location: Floor 4 Shelves HV6098 .B35 2003
I totally forgot about this. I have paged through (it's all photos) and it makes me wish I knew Russian better.

Strong, Jeff. AD/HD for dummies / by Jeff Strong and Michael O. Flanagan. Location: Floor 5 Shelves RJ506.H9 S775 2005

On my floor waiting to be returned.

Laing, Gordon. Digital retro / Gordon Laing. Location: Floor 5 Shelves QA76.5 .L3132 2004

This is such a pretty book but it requires a lot of time, which I do not have.

Jackson, Kevin, 1955- Invisible forms : a guide to literary curiosities / Kevin Jackson. Location: Floor 6 Shelves PN45.5 .J33 2000

On desk, checked out in a flurry of sideshow/oddities/ripley interest.

Davis, Martha, 1947- Relaxation & stress reduction workbook / Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, Matthew McKay. Location: Stacks RA785 .D374 2000

Friend was using this, thought I would check it out. It's by my apt. door waiting for return.

Kennedy, James Ray, 1932- Mental hygiene movement in American education / by James Ray Kennedy. Location: General Collection - Lower Level LB1091.K4661975

Just checked out. It's a thesis! Spurred on by NPR induced rekindling of interest in mental hygiene.

Shulgin, Alexander T. (Alexander Theodore) Pihkal : a chemical love story /Alexander Shulgin, Ann Shulgin. Location: NIU--Main Collection--FML BF209.H34 S584 2000

I have had this checked out FOREVER.

Menzel, Peter, 1948- Hungry planet : what the world eats / photographed by Peter Menzel ; written by Faith D'Aluisio. Location: DuPage Stacks 641.3 Men
Beautiful sequel to the Material World books. Will read soon. Found
through NPR.

Jay, Ricky. Jay's journal of anomalies : conjurers, cheats, hustlers, hoaxsters, pranksters, jokesters, imposters, pretenders, sideshow showmen, armless calligraphers, mechanical marvels, popular entertainments / RickyJay. Location: LC Oversize Books, Basement Oversize PN1583 .J375 2001

Not read, on desk. Part of the sideshow crazed ordering.

Burr, Chandler, 1963- Emperor of scent : a story of perfume, obsession, and the last mystery of the senses / Chandler Burr. Location: LC Books, Basement QP458 .B83 2002

Looks really good. Found through The Mad Professor. My copy was kept either in a lab or a kitchen because it has a lot of curious spills!

Seaman, Barrett. Binge : what your college student won't tell you : campus life in an age of disconnection and excess / Barrett Seaman. Location: Stacks LB3605 .S382 2005

Really want to read this, heard so many great things. Since I work on a Big Ten campus, I am sure it will be enlightening.

Saginor, Jennifer. Playground : a childhood lost inside the Playboy Mansion/ Jennifer Saginor. Location: Stacks HQ777.5 .S24 2005

Hey I haven't returned this?

Stout, Martha, 1953- Sociopath next door : the ruthless versus the rest of us / Martha Stout. Location: Stacks RC555 .S76 2005

Read a bit of this, then forgot about it. Will skim/finish.

Meiselas, Susan. Carnival strippers / Susan Meiselas, with essays by Sylvia Wolf and Deirdre English. Location: Books - Main Stacks PN1949.S7 M4 1976
I have no idea where this is. It's a great book tho. I think it's at GSLIS.

Dear Mr. Ripley : a compendium of curioddities from the Believe it or not! archives / compiled and edited by Mark Sloan, Roger Manley, and Michelle Van Parys. Location: Books - Main Stacks AG243 .D471993

Curioddities is a rockin word.

Hey skinny! : great advertisements from the Golden Age of comic books /[compiled by] Miles Beller & Jerry Leibowitz ; preface by Jay Chiat. Location: Books - Main Stacks PN6710 .H481995
This is great. I am half through.

Chusid, Irwin. Songs in the key of Z : the curious universe of outsider music / Irwin Chusid. Location: Books - Main Stacks ML394 .C56 2000

Haven't looked at. Forgot where I found it.

Williams, Don, 1955- Saving stuff : how to care for and preserve your collectibles, heirlooms, and other prize possessions / Don Williams and Louisa Jaggar. Location: Books - Main Stacks AM145 .W55 2005

Just checked out, haven't looked at.

Smith, Ken, 1958- Mental hygiene : classroom films 1945-1970 / Ken Smith. Location: .Circulating Shelves RA790.85.Z9 S65 1999

Just checked out. But actually after checking it out and physically seeing
it, I noticed I have read this before.

Harold, Elliotte Rusty. XML in a nutshell / Elliotte Rusty Harold & W. Scott Means. Location: .Circulating Shelves QA76.76.H94 H36 2004

On my shelf, as a reference, though I should read it.

Green, Michael, 1930- Avoiding Jesus : answers for skeptics, cynics, and the curious / Michael Green. Location: .Circulating Shelves BT1212 .G74 2005

Relevant books, want to read it, have not yet.

Kitwana, Bakari. Why white kids love hip-hop : wankstas, wiggers, wannabes, and the new reality of race in America / Bakari Kitwana. Location: Daley Library - Book Stacks ML3531 .K58 2005
Looks good, have not read.

Baker, Nicholson. Double fold : libraries and the assault on paper /Nicholson Baker. Location: Daley Library - Book Stacks Z695.655 .B35 2001
Screw paper! I got this out of some idea that it might give me some anti-paper fervor.

Comfort, Ray. God doesn't believe in atheists / Ray Comfort. Location: MainStacks - Graham Center Library BR0128 .A8 C65 1990
This is the pastor who has a ministry with Kirk Cameron. He has the
world's most non-logical atheist attack, so I really want to read this.

Requests Pending

Velvet Underground and Nico / Joe Harvard. c. 1 Requested from Lewis & Clark Comm. Coll. In transit to Univ. of Illinois-UC

33 1/3 series!

Please feed me : a punk vegan cookbook / Niall McGuirk. Requested from Univ. of Illinois-UC Expires: 07-29-05
I don't think I will ever get this. It's been put on reserves several times.

Sign 'O' the times / Michaelangelo Matos. c. 2 Requested from Columbia College In Process :
More 33 1/3

Quonset hut : metal living for a modern age / Julie Decker and Chris Chiei, editors. Requested from Northern Ill. Univ.
This is a cool book on quonset huts. I think quonset is a really cool
word. As a kid I never knew how it looked and my dad used it a lot.

Items Available

Welcome to Temptation / Jennifer Crusie.
Reading this on the train to Chicago. I love jennifer Crusie


Amish not to be modern.
too boring. I stopped watching.

The average American : the extraordinary search for the nation's most ordinary citizen /by O'Keefe, Kevin.
Found through npr. Have not read.

Basket case
recommended by friend, it's an audiobook, I have not yet read

Committed: men tell stories of love, commitment, and marriage /by Knutsen, Chris.
Got it for the Sedaris story but had already read it. By the door to be

Foxfire: 25 years /by Wigginton, Eliot.
Recommended by friend, have not read.

A girl and her money /by Durling, Sharon.
financial and investing advice. i am all about it.

Mr. Wilson's cabinet of wonder /by Weschler, Lawrence.
have wanted to read this for maybe 6 years...and I want to go to this museum when in LA.

A new way to cook /by Schneider, Sally.
Haven't read.

Permission to land by Darkness (Musical group)
LOooooove it.

Scandinavia/by Lee, Phil, 1951- and Scandinavian Europe by Harding, Paul.
I want to go to Scandanavia, so I got there.

Single: the art of being satisfied, fulfilled, and independent /by Ford, Judy, 1944-
Haven't returned this trash yet.

Skinny dip [a novel] /by Hiaasen, Carl.
Recommended by a friend. Very good so far!


Blue like jazz : nonreligious thoughts on Christian spirituality /by Miller, Donald, 1971-
By a reedie! recommended to me by several people.

Small-batch baking : when just enough for 1 or 2-- is just enough! /by Nakos, Debby Maugans.
This looked really pretty, so I got it.

Requested items not yet available:

7th heaven by Brinckerhoff, Burt, 1936-
I love 7th heaven!

ANYONE BUT YOU - CD by Crusie, Jennifer
yay i love j. crusie!

But is it-- safe? by McPherson, Miles.
no idea what this is.

Children playing before a statue of Hercules / by Sedaris, David.
i should take this off....

Dangermouse. The complete seasons 1 & 2 the world's smallest secret agent /by Cosgrove, Brian.
One of my favorite shows as a kid.

Darkness by Belagueró, Jaume.
No idea.

Eccentric America : the Bradt guide to all that's weird and wacky in the USA /by Friedman, Jan.
More "what should I see in LA"

Emergency! Season one by Tighe, Kevin, 1944-
I used to like this show!

ER by Baer, Neal.
or maybe it was this one? with elliot gould?

ER. The complete first season by Edwards, Anthony, 1962-
I watched half the first season and love watching tv shows straight
through, so I thought I would watch this one.

ER. The complete third season by Chulack, Christopher.
I will eventually want this.

The exorcism of Emily Rose by Derrickson, Scott.
Wanted to see this in the theater, never got around to it. I am a sucker for exorcism/catholic horror movies

Extraordinary exhibitions : the wonderful remains of an enormous head, the whimsiphusicon & death to the savage unitarians : broadsides from the collection of Ricky Jay /by Jay, Ricky.
More of the oddities.

Freaks and geeks the complete series / by Cardellini, Linda, 1975-
It seems I would like this.

Frommer's irreverent guide to Los Angeles / by Spurrier, Jeff.

How to survive without a salary / by Long, Charles K.
woo financial negativity!

I am Charlotte Simmons by Wolfe, Tom.
Recommended by a friend

Left behind world at war / by Baxley, Craig R.
no idea

Los Angeles : off the beaten path / by Gould, Lark Ellen.

Lost. The complete first season by Fox, Matthew, 1966-
people are so obsessed by it I thought I would give it a try.

Monster by Kushner, Donald.
No idea.

Mythbusters: the explosive truth behind 30 of the most perplexing urban legends of all time / by Zimmerman, Keith.

I love this show!

Red dragon by De Laurentiis, Dino.
I rewatched silence of the lambs and have never seen this...

Running with scissors [a memoir] /by Burroughs, Augusten.
Augusten Burroughs is an EXCELLENT writer. I loved Dry.

Sealab 2021. Season 1,2, and 3 by Cartoon Network (Television network)
One of the few cartoon network shows that amuses me.

Seed of Chucky by Mancini, Don.
because bride of chucky was so awesome!

Sledge Hammer! Seasons one and two by Spencer, Alan.
I liked this show. Did you know Danny Elfman did the soundtrack?

Thirteen by Levy-Hinte, Jeff.
I have been meaning to rent this for a long time.

Tru calling. The complete first and second seasons by Dushku, Eliza, 1980-
I hear this is good. And I like Eliza Dushku!

Twistedby Twisted (Motion picture : 2003)
Horror! Yay!


  • At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I too am a fan of RELEVANT books. Have you ever heard of THINKBOOKS?

  • At 9:46 PM, Blogger triumphantly, jenny said…

    Why so anon, sir or madam?

    I have not heard of thinkbooks. Do you mean these people?

    either i love a relevant book or i really, really hate it and wonder how it could be related at all to the others. i would love to read some of the xxxchurch published books, but no libraries have them. :(


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