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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

visual fun!

Bizarro Postcards

This was a fun "read" since it's all photos! Why some of these were made into postcards, I will never know. It was sometimes a lot funnier than the Boring Postcards" series, just because it was more random. My favorites include a man with human sized pepper mills and the "grave of the first white child buried in KY."

Amusingly, Amazon has the concordance of this book. :)

Also in visual entertainment, I finally finished HEY SKINNY!: Great Advertisements from the Golden Age of Comic Books

I completely wanted to buy everything in this book and had to remind myself 1. the ads were 50 years old, 2. they were for not real things, 3. they were created to trick 11 year olds, and I am 26. But who can resist a POCKET SIZED MONKEY!?

It also surprised me to see so many ads aimed at girls, which from my comic reading I do not remember at all. I wonder if there were more girl comics in the olden days. It kinda made me want to read more comics, but they are too serialized for me, and the library has so few of them. maybe I will buy an Archie next time I am at the store for old time's sake.


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