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Sunday, January 15, 2006

LA Roundup!

I am going to LA in Feb. for the first time, so I got a bunch of guidebooks including LA Off the Beaten Path, Frommer's Irreverent Guide to Los Angeles, and Eccentric AMerica

The latter was the best, but least specific. I am considering buying the new edition (I got the first), but it even showed me things in areas I have lived and visited that I did not know about, which is fairly impressive, since these are the things I try to see when in new places.

The Off the Beaten Path and Irreverent Guide are sort of redundant and are organized oddly by cutesy categories. This means you really have to look over the whole thing. This was fine, and I learned a lot, but the Irreverent Guide had better maps.

I am also reading Mr. Wilson's Cabinet Of Wonder which is about the Museum of Jurassic TTechnology, which I plan to see when in town.


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