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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Modern Drunkard

After reading a review for this book here, I knew I must read this. So much so that when my local library did not stock it, I actually went out and bought it. This is a momentous occasion as I never ever buy books, really. But it was worth it. Some of it is a little repetitive because it's based on columns in a magazine, but I heartily enjoyed it. The explanations for how to get free drinks and drink at work unnoticed are hilarious. There are excellent graphics and checklists for telling if you are a modern drunkard. Best of all, there's info on how to beat an intervention!

I liked the spirit of this book because it celebrates excessive drinking, something that used to be seen as more "okay" than it is now. The book repeatedly points out situations where liquor used to be standard and now would be considered offensive (for example--your desk at work!). Considering how much teens/20somethings drink at college, this new opinion seems a little hypocritical and puritanical! So, in addition to being quite humorous, the political message was interesting.

The only downsides were the repetitive thing, and the CONSTANT odd referencing of Jackie Gleason. Jackie Gleason must be the author's personal hero, and I respect that, but I personally could care less about JG, thanks!


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